We are one month old!

Celebrating our one month anniversary, we have put the application for free for 72 hours.  This special sales finishes in 10 hours.  In the mean while we wanted to show a few facts of our existence during this month:

  • We have more than 3500 users, 3000 visits per day, the servers receive on average one request for data services every three seconds.
  • We have sent close to 4000 pushes, notifying our clients of important changes in their currencies of choice.

  • We support more than 80 currencies currently (some of them as requested by our clients):

  • Almost all the supported currencies are already being used:

  • The application has been downloaded in all continents:

We have a lot of interesting statistics in our stats page.  Please see them here:


We already have an extensive roadmap, you can see it here:


We thank you for your support during this month!  Please contact us to give us new ideas or things that you would like to see added to the application.

Best regards,

iCurrency Plus

4 thoughts on “We are one month old!

  1. Best you could edit the webpage title We are one month old! iCurrency Plus' Blog to something more generic for your content you write. I enjoyed the the writing even sononetheless.

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