We added precious metals too!

We got the request and we went to the bottom of the problem.

iCurrency Plus now officially supports precious metals; specifically Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Needless to say, you can see the prices of those metals in the currency of your choice

Of course, we just started to collect data, so historical records and graphs will be available soon.

With this request, we have added 20 currencies since we launched the application in the middle of January 2010.  So please, feel free to requests the currencies of your choice!

4 thoughts on “We added precious metals too!

  1. As a long term ex-pat(30 yr) I really appreciat your app. We live between Uk, Fr, and Gr with many trips to non Euro countries and utilize this app to the fullest. Thank you
    john thomas

    • We honestly appreciate your comments and we are glad that the app can be at your service: that is what we developed it for.

      If you have time, please rate us in your iTunes store. Best regards,

      iCurrency Plus

  2. Have you considers posting crude prices – both W Texas as well as Brent?
    john Thomas

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