We are planning to add some commodity prices.

Like WTI crude oil, corn or copper for example. While this was not in the initial concept of the application, there has been a few requests and we are seriously thinking of granting them. Please let us know your thoughts, we would like to get this done sooner if there is a demand out there.

Best regards from the iCurrency Plus team!

Precious metals monthly data is now available.

After a few requests around a month ago, we started to provide prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, right there in the same iPhone application without needing to update.  You could see those prices in the currency of your choice, the same principle for any other currency within the application.

Today, monthly charts and analysis for those precious metals are available, once again, without needing to update the application.  Just launch iCurrency Plus, select the precious metal of your interest and add it against any currency currently available; you will be immediately able to see monthly graphs.  Remember that if any currency is not available, we can add it on the fly.

Thank you for choosing iCurrency Plus!

Get iCurrency Plus now for just .99 USD!

Celebrating our two months anniversary, iCurrency Plus can be downloaded now for just 0.99 from the Apple store.  This offer will last just three days, so do take advantage of it and pass the voice.  No other application in the App store sends you push notifications customized to your needs about the performance and trends of the currencies of your choice!

Link to the apple store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icurrency-plus/id349442283?mt=8

We have added one more currency: the Fiji Dollar!

As requested by one of our users, we have added the Fiji Dollar to the list of supported currencies. Data is being collected so you will be able to to see performance, graphs and trends soon; the flag will be in your phone the next time you run the application.

With this addition we have added 22 new currencies since launch in January 15, 2010.

Thank you for your constant support!