We have added the East Caribbean Dollar

The East Caribbean Dollar is the currency of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This is our latest addition to the set of supported currencies of the application, a present for all of those fancy travelers looking for the best sun and beaches of the Caribbean.

With this new currency, we have added 26 new currencies since we launched the application in January 15, 2010.  We thank you for your constant support.

We have added three new curencies

As requested by different users, we have added the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, Iceland Krone and Tunisian Dinar to the list of supported currencies. Data is being collected so you will be able to to see performance, graphs and trends as time passes by; the flags will be in your phone the next time you run the application.

With this addition we have added 25 new currencies since launch in January 15, 2010.

Thank you for your constant support!

We are in the last stages of a Windows version

A new version of iCurrency Plus for Windows desktop with Snarl integration is currently under development, and it will be released soon. This is just a sneak peek.

As you can see the interface is very similar to the one found in the iPhone application; but you have to wait to see what happens when a currency pair is selected (clicked). Notifications will be delivered via System popups, but if you have Snarl installed integration to this awesome interface is already done (like in the sample).

This is one of the so many announcements we have for our three months anniversary, which is just in a two days.  We enjoy the good news, we hope you enjoy it to.

iCurrency Plus.

We broke all records yesterday!

1300+ new users downloaded the application in the first 24 hours after we put it free.  Our user count is over 9000 at the moment.

We also got almost 5000 application launches during the same time frame (we know the number of requests to the server; almost 60,000 requests in the first 24 hours, that is almost one request every second).  All that traffic was generated by a unique group of 2500 users, so in average people launch the app twice a day!

We have been wow’ed by your support and we really appreciate that!

Get iCurrency Plus for free over the next 72 hours!

We are happy, and we like to celebrate with our clients and friends when special events occur; so we are sharing the joy with you.  We have just reached 2000 followers in Twitter, this is an awesome milestone!

We have decided to give the application for free for the next three days.  So please tell your friends.  This is a bargain, as you know, no other application sends you push notifications, customized to you needs, when big changes occur in the currencies of your choice.

This offer will expire at 7:00 AM JST, on April 15, 2010; the day we are turning three months old!

Enjoy your week, enjoy iCurrency Plus!