We have reduced the interval to 15 minutes!

We are very proud of this new feature.  It took us a while to get everything done properly, be able to interpret the new data, tons of conversations with the third party data provider; but we have finally reduced the data interval to 15 minutes.  You can see it in action in this picture:

As it can be observed (click on the picture to see the datails), we took four screen shots of the application within one hour interval and we got different data results in each of the shots.  This also means that now you can be notified of a change in the currency pairs of your choice as often as every 15 minutes. A lot of users have asked for this and we are finally able to provide it.

Best regards from the iCurrency Plus team!

Yearly graph for a significant amount of currencies have been added!

We have been waiting for a while for this moment and we finally got it. We have yearly graphs available for almost all currencies that the application supports.  Currencies traded frequently like USD, EUR, GBP, JPY … etc. have this data available; other currencies will get it over the next few days.

This data is available in all platforms currently supported: iOS (iPhone & iPod Touch), Windows OS and Mac OSX.  To see the yearly graphs, select the pair of your choice and simply select “Year” in the menu under the chart.

Join us celebrating this moment and enjoy the new charts!  Best regards from the iCurrency Plus team.