We are present in the Mac App Store from day one!

Today it has been an excited day for us: Apple Mac App Store opened and we are proud to be among the first 1000 apps present on open day.  Not only that, we are the only application in the store that can be found under the keywords FX, currency, currencies, exchange, rates … no other currency information application is currently present!

We have got hundreds of downloads so far.  We are proud of it because we decided to put the OSX application at exactly the same price of the iPhone version, so it is available for almost every single pocket out there.  At the moment this post is being sent, we are the third most downloaded application in the Finance category.

So what is different?  What would make you download this version as well?  To start we have a bigger interface where more data is displayed just in the first screen (customizable)

We have also added a unique functionality: you can select one pair and get its value in the menu bar!  By doing this your favorite pair of currencies will be always available to your eyes.

As you can see in this sample, it shows right next to the icons of Dropbox, Logmein, Growl … etc.  The last functionality is related to notifications: Growl!  We integrated with Growl so you can still get notifications to your desktop of the must important changes that occurred in the pairs of your choice.  Needles to say, that equivalent to the iPhone app, all these notifications are customizable!

We are happy indeed that this moment has finally come, we hope you enjoy this version and continue to support us by rating us in the App Store and telling friends about the amazing features of the application.  Best regards from the iCurrency Plus team and Happy 2011 to you all!

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