Check how the unrests in Libya impacts their currency!

The Dinar (Arabic: دينار‎, ISO 4217 code LYD) is the currency of Libya. It was added to the list of currencies now supported by the application. With this addition we support more than 110 currencies used in more than 160 countries.

A friendly reminder to our iPhone users, if you do not see the flag, please delete the application, download it again from the App Store and re-install it (do not worry you will not need to pay for it again). OSX and iPad users should see the Libyan flag as soon as they restart the application.

With all the unrests in Libya, we thought it was important to show a bit more of data, so we made a special deal with the third party data provider: the Dinar can be seen with three months of historical data from day one!  Feel free to add it and check performance and trends for up to a quarter level.


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