We have submitted a new application to the App Store!

We submitted a new application to the App Store a week ago, we were hoping to have it released by this weekend, but we have not heard from Apple yet.  The Application is called iGold+ and it is exactly about what you are thinking: to track the price of Gold.

Why would we do this, so specific, and especially since iCurrency Plus already tracks price of Gold as well as other metals?  Well, we have added unique features, and we are sure you will love them.  We will be releasing a daily blog for the next few days about the unique features of this application.

Once iGold+ is released, we are ready to submit: iSilver+, iPlatinum+, iPalladium+ and iOil+.  They all will be quite similar, but quite different too.  Once you see them all, you will understand!  For now please keep track of the series of posts that will be doing over the next few days, so you know, even before they are released, what are all these new apps about!

Best regards from the iCurrency Plus team!

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