iGold+ is now available in the App Store.

iGold+, our latest application to track price of gold, is now available in the App Store; we submitted it a week ago and yesterday, in a surprised moved from Apple, was released without a single comment from the application review team (they typically ask for changes, small things that are not in line with their design/user experience guidelines).

Once you launch the application, it will be set with some default values but you will be brought to the Settings screen, where you can customize the app. Specifically, you can select in which currency you want to see the price (we have more than 150 currencies that you can choose from), choose between the price in ounces or grams, if you want to see the price in the icon badge of the application, push notification when certain change in percentage happens or push notifications when a min or max value is reached. We will cover all these screens in more details in future posts.

Once set up, you will see a picture similar to the one shown here. You can clearly see the price in big numbers as well as the currency of your choice. The low/high values are in correspondence with the chart, so they change when different time periods in the chart are selected. The chart allows you to see anything from one day to one year.

The icons in the bottom are: refresh, calculator, information, help and settings. In brief, this is the main screen of the application. We are sure you are still wondering why we made such specific application. We will cover that in the next post!

iGold+ in the iPhone App Store

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