iGold+ in details: Settings (1/5)

The Settings Screen (1/5)We will cover a series of micro blogs, on how to set up the iGold+ application.  Today we will talk about the first screen under settings.

This screen shows the very first time that the app is launched and every time the settings button in the toolbar menu is tapped.

The options here are simple: to select the currency in which the price of gold will be shown.  There are more than 150 currencies to select from; and if by any chance the currency you want is not included, please let us know and we will add it on the fly.

Once the currency is selected, the price will change accordingly, so you have an idea of what will it be like.  Then you can either slide to the right or press any of the buttons in the bottom to go to other setting screens.

We will cover tomorrow the second screen.  Best regards from the iGold+ team.

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