iGold+ and its coolest feature explained! (that you must read)

We have shown so far how to customize the settings, so you can choose the currency and the unit of measurement you want the price to represent. But if you are following the price on Gold on regular basis, don’t you think that is a hassle that you have to open the application every time you want to see it? We agree with you!

This is when the coolest feature of iGold+ comes to play. The third screen in the settings section allows you to set the price of Gold in the badge of the application icon; so you no longer need to open the app, by just taking a look at the number in the badge in the spring board, you will have an idea of the price.

There are a couple of limitations here. First is that the price in the badge can only show an integer number, so we are rounding to the closest integer number. That means if the price is USD 1544.2 we will show 1544 in the badge. It is not perfect, but it is a very good approximation. The second limitation is that the badge number cannot be bigger than 9,999.  This is not a problem for the vast majority of the currencies we offer, but you cannot see in the icon badge the price of Gold in ounces in Mexican Pesos or Japanese Yen, for example.

Regardless of those two limitations, our initial users seem to like this feature very much. We can see that almost all users enable this function. And how often do we update this price you might ask? It is almost real time, with a delay no bigger than 15 minutes!

Warning: you need to enable push notifications or else there is no way we can send you the price to the badge of the icon.  This is how the price is shown in the badge of the icon:

We hope you like this feature, contact us if you have any suggestions.  Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

iGold+ in the iPhone App Store

6 thoughts on “iGold+ and its coolest feature explained! (that you must read)

  1. Missing decimal points and mixed large and small fonts in the same number when gold is shown in Thai Bhat, and Chinese Yuan. iCurrency also needs gold and silver in kilos, just like iGold has.

  2. Hi Alfred,

    Thanks for your interest in our products.

    About the missing decimal points when showing the price in THB, CNY, JPY, MXN … etc., are you talking about iGold+ or iCurrency Plus? Either case the simpler answer is aesthetics. More than six digits do not look good in the app, and those decimal values are less than 0.01% of the total value. Can you contact us as support@limitedsecurities.com so we can discuss this issue? If it makes we can change the app.

    The large and small fonts, you must be talking about iCurrency Plus. This is a common representation, widely used, since changes in the “small fonts” digits represent less than 0.1% of the total value, which is typically ignored.

    Finally, about adding prices in grams for iCurrency Plus, we are thinking about it; perhaps in future releases of the app. There are so many things we want to add and change and so little time to do them! But keep checking our blogs, some of those changes and others may come soon.

    Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

    • Hi Abhinab, this application is available already in the app Store. Search for iGold+ and you will find it. This is only for iPhone.

      The Limited Securities Team

  3. Hiii
    i want to know that Application that give the information thai i i should hold or sell the foreign currencies .

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