iCurrency Plus for iPhone v1.2.1 is available now!

iCurrency Plus in the iPhone App StoreThat was the fastest review we have ever seen. It took eight hours from the moment we submitted to app until it was available in the App Store for public download. Definitely fast!

Get iCurrency Plus for iPhone today from the iOS App Store, especially if you changed your OS to iOS 5 or got a new iPhone 4S, since this version makes better integration with the notification center. If you are still in older versions of the OS, you will also see some benefits in this new version, since we have improved the connectivity, achieving faster speeds, particularly in slow networks.

Best regards from the Limited Securities Team!

iCurency Plus v1.2.1 under review by Apple

iCurrency Plus v1.2.1 is currently under review. In this version we have:

  • Fixed a few iOS 5 incompatibilities
  • Done better integration with the notification center
  • Enhanced connectivity speed especially in slow networks.
  • Fixed a few small bugs.

It should be available this weekend, October 29, assuming that there are not surprises in the review process. Stay tune!

iCurrency Plus in the iPhone App Store

Shall I sell, buy or hold? Ask iCurrency Plus for Windows …

What changes shall I do to my portfolio? Where are y risks? That international trip that I am doing next week, will it be better to convert now or wait a bit more? iCurrency Plus for Windows will soon answer those questions!

We have added tons of new features and fixed tons of bugs, but we believe that this will be the most popular one, so we are just giving you a quick peek to it 😉

The Limited Securities Team