Shall I sell, buy or hold? Ask iCurrency Plus for Windows …

What changes shall I do to my portfolio? Where are y risks? That international trip that I am doing next week, will it be better to convert now or wait a bit more? iCurrency Plus for Windows will soon answer those questions!

We have added tons of new features and fixed tons of bugs, but we believe that this will be the most popular one, so we are just giving you a quick peek to it šŸ˜‰

The Limited Securities Team


11 thoughts on “Shall I sell, buy or hold? Ask iCurrency Plus for Windows …

  1. Abhinab,

    You will have to wait until we release the application to be able to ask those questions. But if you tell me the secondary currency I will be able to answer you here.


  2. We are experimenting with the Windows version of the app, since it required an update already. Once this is finished we will start working in these and other features for the iPhone and iPad version!

    The Limited Securities Team!

    • Hi Stephen,

      The app will be released very soon, thanks for your interest.

      Please remember that these predictions are based on mathematical models and do not take into account recent events, specifically government actions that can have a deep impact in the demand and hence the exchange rate of a particular currency.

      But answering your question, the current rate of GBP/USD is 1.5943 and the app believes that there is higher chances to go up to 1.6438 (up 3%) within three months, but within a year it will be most likely around 1.5579 (down 2%) … your choice šŸ™‚

      The Limited Securities Team

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. Indeed, actions taken by a government can wreck havoc on most any otherwise reasoned position.

    • Absolutely, glad you understand,; we are trying to make sure that people understand that by not following our perdictions blindly.

      BTW, now that we have a bit more of market data for today, the app has found some resistance at 1.5970, so the application is predicting a “Strong Sell” within a week, targetting 1.5767 (1% diff). Let’s see if it happens …

      The Limited Securities Team

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