iCurrency Plus Updated: The First Application showing Currency Rates in your Lock Screen!

We are really excited today. We have launched iCurrency Plus for iPhone v1.2.5; which brings a unique feature for those of you using iOS 5: now you can see your desired currency rates (including precious and industrial metals) in your Notification Center and even in your Lock Screen. Take a look:

More information of how this can be done with iCurrency Plus v1.2.5 and iOS 5 is explained in this page in our website:

iCurrency Plus in the iPhone App StoreIn this version we also fix a bug in the News Flash: now you will be able to ignore them.  We also added a handy search box in the currency selector; considering that we have more than 150 currencies available we thought this would be useful.

We do hope you love all these new features, no other app in the store does this.  Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

iGold+ Updated to v1.0.3: Almost real time rates are now available

iGold+ v1.0.3 was approved by Apple today.  This version brings a new feature which is quite important: rates are almost real time now, in some cases with seconds delay.  This is the first step of real time rates integration that we are doing in our line of products. Check these two screen shots, to get an idea (watch the red circles):

Can you notice how close the rate time is to the current time when those screen shots were taken?  More to come soon in other products!  You can get iGold+ from the App Store.

Our website was just redesigned!

We have changed our web site, now fully explaining all products we offer, and soon some services. It is still work in progress and the content is changing, but it gives you a new idea of what the new site will look like. To check it out go to

We will be having more announcements soon of great new features we are implementing.  Stay tuned!

The Limited Securities Team.