iGold+ Updated to v1.0.3: Almost real time rates are now available

iGold+ v1.0.3 was approved by Apple today.  This version brings a new feature which is quite important: rates are almost real time now, in some cases with seconds delay.  This is the first step of real time rates integration that we are doing in our line of products. Check these two screen shots, to get an idea (watch the red circles):

Can you notice how close the rate time is to the current time when those screen shots were taken?  More to come soon in other products!  You can get iGold+ from the App Store.


2 thoughts on “iGold+ Updated to v1.0.3: Almost real time rates are now available

  1. Dear All,
    I am using the application for Gold, Silver & Platinum.

    I wish all the metals to be covered under a single software. I mean the “Home Page” to display the price of all metals

    If a person has purchased single merely than the home page to display single metal and than as n when he go on purchasing other metal than they go on adding on the same home page instead of different applications


    • Hi Rajendra,

      Thanks for your comment. We want to add one page to these apps where all precious and industrial metals will be shown, similar to what you mentioned. But right now is low priority since we are engaged in a lot of other functions in all our apps.

      Please note that the unique feature of these apps is that you can see the price without opening the app, since the price can be displayed in the badge of the application icon.

      We also offer another application, iCurrency Plus, where you can select different metals in different currencies as well. We are releasing v1.2.5 of iCurrency Plus in a few hours, where you will be able to see the price of your metals in the notification center and even in your lock screen if you have iOS 5. We strongly suggest you to take a look at it in our home page http://icurrencyplus.com

      Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

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