iCurrency Plus for Windows Released: get it at a discounted price as a holiday present!

Today we are super excited releasing iCurrency Plus 1.5.1 for Windows. We are releasing it at a discounted price, so use this offer while it lasts. This version has a lot of new features that you cannot find in iCurrency Plus for the other platforms.

Three Views

iCurrency Plus for Windows offers more flexibility, when you are just following a set of currencies for a personal trip or an expert that watches currencies rates and exchanges more often.

Expandable Charts

Move your mouse over a chart to see it in more details

More Notification Settings

You can be notified when a currency changes more than certain percentage over a period of time. But you can also select to be notified when certain pair reaches a max or min value.

More Stats

This version offers a unique feature: resistance, support and buy/sell indicators. Now you are ready to predict the future!

More Flexible Charts

Customize your charts the way you want it, show the info you are interesting in seeing.

We do hope you enjoy this version of iCurrency Plus, brought to you by Limited Securities, at a special discount price for the holidays. Give it to your loved one or give it to yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Best regards from Limited Securities and Happy Holidays!

iCurrency Plus reviewed by Daily Forex!

iCurrency Plus reviewed by Daily ForexToday Daily Forex ( announced us that they have reviewed iCurrency Plus and they placed their review in their site. Among the so many good things they say, this is perhaps what impressed us the most:

“… we recently discovered this app and were highly impressed not only with its real-time currency rates, but with the way that it presents the information so that it’s accessible to traders in a variety of ways.”

The full review can be read here:

This is not our first presence in independent sites and blogs, but it is the first coming from a Forex oriented site, so we are very happy.  Do you run a Forex oriented site?  Let’s exchange independent reviews!

Best regards from the iCurrency Plus team.



We were also reviewed by Alpha Digits on the same day, the full review can be seen here:

We specifically like this sentence:

“The impressive feature about this app is, it can show the currency conversion rates even in the lock screen and also in the notification center. “

Is this a review season or what? 🙂