iCurrency Plus for OSX suddenly stopped working – what to do?

iCurrency Plus suddenly stopped working.

Since February 15, 2012, iCurrency Plus for OSX suddenly stopped working, with this error message:

Following those instructions does not help; the message continues to be the same after downloading the app again.

We have not changed anything in the application for quite a while, and the reason why no longer works it is still unknown to us. But what have we done so far?

We opened a case with Apple.

Their initial response was that it could be a problem with the user’s iTunes account, which did not make sense since some of us were having the problem as well; I personally could download and buy other applications in the Mac App Store but not use the downloaded version of iCurrency Plus. Regardless we have passed the message to every person that contacted us. Thanks to all of you for opening a case out there, we finally got an official response that they will take a deeper close to the issue.

It is not everyone.

We can see in our logs that there are computers connecting to our servers using OSX. That means that some of you out there are not having the issue. In fact you can see it in our graphical representation of our clients using our apps in real time. See it by yourself at  Do you see those Mac icons showing?  They are using the app without problems.

We submitted an update to the App Store.

Since the app was running without any issues using our development environment, we decided to do a few changes and submit to the App Store a new version (v1.2.2), to see if that solves the problem. Unfortunately all of these events are coming right at the same time that Apple is changing products and processes to accommodate the latest version of the OSX (Mountain Lion), for example, the development environment was just updated on February 17th to XCode 4.3.

It has been impossible to submit a new app in the past few days, but today February 18th, 2012 at 10:00 AM, we managed to successfully submit a new version for review. Now we will ask for an ‘expedite review’; if Apple accepts it, we will have a new version of the app available in a couple of days.

We will continue posting updates in this blog. Hopefully this will be solved soon. We encourage you to subscribe to this blog so you can get notified as soon as we post an update.  In the mean while you can always check all the other products we have available at

Thanks a lot for your patience and best regards from the Limited Securities Team.


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