iCurrency Plus for OSX v1.2.2 rejected (again) and (again) re-submitted

Apple rejected iCurrency Plus for OSX v1.2.2 again, this time due to a couple of simple bugs (that were there since v1.0), but we have complied and we have resubmitted a new package. If everything goes well this time, we should have a fix for the OSX problem within today.

These are the notifications for the version that was rejected and the new version that was submitted (all times are in JST):

Basically what you can see here is that we submitted a new version yesterday during our midnight, Apple rejected it four hours later and we have just submitted a new revision (third revision for v1.2.2) just three hours ago.  Please wish us luck this time!

4 thoughts on “iCurrency Plus for OSX v1.2.2 rejected (again) and (again) re-submitted

  1. Hope the latest review will go well! Thanks for all the hard work sorting this out. It’s a unique app and very useful.

    • Thanks Paul. I wouldn’t call them exactly that, at the end they are trying to make sure that all of us have an excellent experience with their products, hence they reject apps when finding very small issues.

      This time though, I think that if they balance that there are literally thousands of people that can not use the app now, they should have approved the previous version we sent considering how small and stupid the bugs were.

      But they are fixed now, let’s just hope they will approve it this time.

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