iCurrency Plus for OSX, v1.2.2 finally available in the App Store!

Latest revision was approved by Apple just three hours ago (it is 7:30 AM JST) and we have confirmed that ir works (a few of you have contacted us already saying so).  Please update to this new version to fix the problem that the application does not launch.

We do have one request though: please give us a review in App Store.  Not all people were as good and comprehensive, and they just jumped to the App Store to give a bad review without contacting us.  We need you to help us get those good reviews back!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, best regards from the Limited Securities team!

9 thoughts on “iCurrency Plus for OSX, v1.2.2 finally available in the App Store!

  1. I deleted the App. The list of purchase don´t show that purchase anymore. In the App Store now I can not download the App, due to the remark “downloaded”! What to do?

  2. I love on your job. It is one of a grate app for forex. Anyway, I wonder why 1.2.2 on Mac version does not have stat info, not like Windows’ version. Could you update or put stat info on it? It will be so nice on that. I’m looking forward to use on both Mac, iPhone and iPad.
    PS. Please include each currency’s NEWS also. This will make iCurrency Plus the best app for forex trader.

    • Hi Apichart. Glad to hear you like what we have been doing so far. We are releasing a new version of iCurrency Plus for Windows soon and then our objective is to bring the iPhone, iPad and OSX versions at the same level as the Windows version. This means that you should see in future versions of all platforms:

      – Better charts, better use of the screen
      – Alerts not only when crossing certain % but also when hitting certain low and high values you set
      – Stats to show resistance, support and buy/sell indicators.
      – Ability to post to Twitter and Facebook

      Those are the main items, and you will be seeing updates from us very soon about them.

      Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

      • Wow!!! When it will be? Very appreciated in your work. Hope it will be so soon because I have not used Windows for quite so long.

      • It will be very good if your guy could include bonds, stocks, and personal portfolio info into “iCurrency Plus”. This will make it a plus ++++.

    • Having other financial instruments has been always our goal, but that is as of right now quite difficult unless we increase the application price. If OSX 10.8 allows inApp purchases then we will reconsider it (specially stocks). With inApp purchses you can buy “packages” (like stocks data, real time data … etc) then it will be easier to segregate the data and be able to afford it.

      You will be getting updates from us soon and quite often, stay tune and you will see!

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