We added the Zambian Kwacha

The kwacha (ISO 4217 code: ZMK) is the currency of Zambia. It is subdivided into 100 ngwee. We have added the Kwacha to our list of supported currencies, with this addition we now support a total of 137 currencies, precious and industrial metals, used in close to 200 countries.

As a friendly reminder, for the iPhone and iPad users, if you do not see the new flag, please delete the application, download it again from the App Store and re-install it (do not worry you will not need to pay for it again). Windows and OSX users should see this new flag as soon as the application is restarted.

Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

iCurrency Lite Released

Today Apple approved iCurrency Lite, the only currency tracking application in the App Store that allows you to see curency rates in the OSX menu bar. You can pick from any exotic currency pair combination you want to form, from more than 150 currencies. Check these two screen shots, showing the two modes that the application allows:

iCurrency Lite can be downloaded exclusively from the App Store, for just .99 USD.  Get it now!

An interesting fact that we were discussing today …

We found out that we are doing more than 200,000 data requests services during the course of a working week (from Monday 0:00 JST to Friday 23:59:59 JST). That means someone in the planet is looking at one of our applications, for sure, every two seconds, at the very least! Amazing! Check this chart for more details:

We thank you all for your constant support to our applications, we are proud to have you as a client!