iCurrency Plus for iPad and iCommodities Suite updated!

We have updated iCurrency Plus for iPad and the iCommodities Suite.  In this release we are migrating away and deprecating the use of UDID.  UDID stands for Unique Device Identifier and Apple has suggested developers to stop using it.  We used to use this ID to properly identify your device and be able to send you     push notifications from the currency pairs you chose.  We have migrated to a Unique App Identifier (UAID), which for us and you does exactly the same function.

These migrations are completely transparent to you and you will see no changes in the interface.  We are using this opportunity to do some small bug fixes     as well.

Several applications were submitted for review

We have submitted iCurrency Plus for iPad v1.2.8, iGold+ v1.0.5, iSilver+ v1.0.5, iPlatinum+ v1.0.5, iPalladium+ v1.0.5 and iOil+ v1.0.5 to the App Store for review. Al these versions change the way the apps communicate with our servers, making more reliable and secure. The apps shold be available for downloading within a week.

Best regards from the Limited Securities team.