iCurrency Plus for iPhone updated to v1.2.9

We have updated iCurrency Plus for iPhone to v1.2.9. This updated addresses three main issues:

  • In v1.2.8, we introduced a bug where a few users were seen messages saying that the installation was illegal. While the message is annoying, the application never stopped working; we have fixed the bug now.
  • Completely deprecates the use of UDID as requested by Apple. UDID stands for Unique Device ID and now we have completely moved to Unique Application ID (UAID). We need this ID to identify you in our servers in order to be able to send you customized push notifications. None of your personal details are sent to us, just a unique ID.
  • iOS 6 Ready!

We have a few major enhancements in the pipeline, but in the mean while this update is mandatory. Current version (v1.2.8) of iCurrency Plus for iPhone will stop working soon. Best regards from the Limited Securities Team!


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