We added eight more currencies!

Apple recently announced the opening of 33 new online stores worldwide; immediately we wanted to make sure that iCurrency Plus supports all those currencies.  It turns out that from the 33 stores we were already supporting 25 of their currencies, so we added new eight currencies to complete the circle.

The recently added currencies are:

  • Yemeni Rial – code: YER
  • Uzbekistani Som – code: UZS
  • Surinamese Dollar – code: SRD
  • Guyanese Dollar – code: GYD
  • Bermudian Dollar – code: BMD
  • Bahamian Dollar – code: BSD
  • Angolan Kwanza – code: AOA
  • Algerian Dinar – code: DZD

With these additions we now support more than 140  currencies used in close to 200 countries; as well as precious and industrial metals.  These currencies will be also supported in the applications iGold+, iSilver+, iPalladium+, iPlatinum+ and iOil+.

Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

iSilver+, iPlatinum+, iPalladium+ and iOil+ submitted to the app store!

iCommodities Suite
iCommodities Suite

We have submitted a new version of iGold+ (with minor bug fixes) and a brand new set of applications: iSilver+, iPlatinum+, iPalladium+ and iOil+.  Why so many apps?  You might ask.  Because all these apps will show the price of the commodity in the application icon, similar to iGold+, so no need to open the applications to see the prices of the commodities of your choice!

We are requesting our users and readers to tell us what they would like to see next.  At this moment we are preparing a batch of applications for Industrial Metals (Cupper, Lead, Aluminum, Zinc and Nickel).  But we are actually wondering, if you find these applications useful, what else would you like to see from us.  We can add more apps to show currencies, indexes, stocks … etc.

Please give us your opinion by commenting in this post, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Best regards from the Limited Securities team!