iCurrency Plus for iPad updated – See currency rates in the Notification Center

We just released an important update for iCurrency Plus for iPad, now v1.2.7. This version catches up with the iPhone version bringing a lot of new features, but the important ones are:

  • New currency selector: easier than ever to find a currency code with a simple search function.
  • Allow to put currency rates in the notification center: access your rates any time from any applicatoin.
  • Put the latest rates in the home screen: no need to even unlock the iPad to see the latest rate.
  • Easy way to clone a currency pair, very useful when you want several kind of notifications.

A detailed list of all the features with screen shots can be seeing here:

How to enable and configure push notifications, specially in iOS 5, so you can see curreny rates in the Notification Center and Lock Screen, can be seen here:

iCurrency Plus in the iPhone App StoreWe hope you enjoy this version the same as we do.  As always, we are open to suggestions, comments and requests for improvements.

Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

iCurrency Plus gets updated: now you can arrange currency pairs!

We have received so many requests asking to be able to re-arrange the pairs; and we have finally listened.  iCurrency Plus v1.2.0 for iPhone and for iPad has been released in the app store fixing tons of bugs but more important adding a new “Edit” button (or “Reorder” for the iPad) that will allow you to re-order your pairs by dragging and dropping them in the right position:

As the pictures show, you can also delete a pair right on the first screen by using the same button, without needing to visit the pair details page.

Among the so many bugs we have fixed, we have:

  • Now opening the app from the background will auto refresh the rates.
  • When opening the app while making a phone call or using the network tethering, the bottom toolbar is accessible.
  • Better resolutions graphics for retina display (iPhone 4) owners.

We hope you enjoy this version, feel free to leave us comments of what you would like to see next.  Best regards from the Limited Securities team.

Are you interested in real time data? ‘Cause we may offer it soon!

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Synergy FX to be able to provide real time market data for some currency pairs as well as Gold and Silver. We are in the middle of the integration process; and if it deems successful, we will offer the option to see real time market data in a future version of iCurrency Plus (for iPhone, iPad, OSX and Windows), iGold+ and iSilver+.

About Synergy FX

Synergy FX is a leading forex broker, used by many professional traders, offering interbank prices on 30 currency pairs, gold and silver. If you trade forex or precious metals, then you will be interested to know that they are running a 30% bonus promotion on all deposits made throughout August.

Click on their logo to sign for a demo account, it is free!

We added eight more currencies!

Apple recently announced the opening of 33 new online stores worldwide; immediately we wanted to make sure that iCurrency Plus supports all those currencies.  It turns out that from the 33 stores we were already supporting 25 of their currencies, so we added new eight currencies to complete the circle.

The recently added currencies are:

  • Yemeni Rial – code: YER
  • Uzbekistani Som – code: UZS
  • Surinamese Dollar – code: SRD
  • Guyanese Dollar – code: GYD
  • Bermudian Dollar – code: BMD
  • Bahamian Dollar – code: BSD
  • Angolan Kwanza – code: AOA
  • Algerian Dinar – code: DZD

With these additions we now support more than 140  currencies used in close to 200 countries; as well as precious and industrial metals.  These currencies will be also supported in the applications iGold+, iSilver+, iPalladium+, iPlatinum+ and iOil+.

Best regards from the Limited Securities team!

We have added industrial metals; Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Lead and Zinc are now available!

iCurrency Plus is now officially supporting industrial metals; you can see prices of Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Lead and Zinc. Similar to any other currency pair, you can select any of these industrial metals and track their price in any other currency.  Currently more than 130 currencies are supported.

Of course, we just started to collect data, so historical records and graphs will be available soon.  Since these metals have no official ISO 4217 codes, we took the liberty to create XAL for Aluminum, XCU for Copper, XNI for Nickel, XPB for Lead and XZN for Zinc.

As a friendly reminder, for the iPhone users, if you do not see the new flag, please delete the application, download it again from the App Store and re-install it (do not worry you will not need to pay for it again). OSX and iPad users should see the new flags as soon as they restart the application.

Best regards from the Limited Securities!