iCurrency Plus gets updated: now you can arrange currency pairs!

We have received so many requests asking to be able to re-arrange the pairs; and we have finally listened.  iCurrency Plus v1.2.0 for iPhone and for iPad has been released in the app store fixing tons of bugs but more important adding a new “Edit” button (or “Reorder” for the iPad) that will allow you to re-order your pairs by dragging and dropping them in the right position:

As the pictures show, you can also delete a pair right on the first screen by using the same button, without needing to visit the pair details page.

Among the so many bugs we have fixed, we have:

  • Now opening the app from the background will auto refresh the rates.
  • When opening the app while making a phone call or using the network tethering, the bottom toolbar is accessible.
  • Better resolutions graphics for retina display (iPhone 4) owners.

We hope you enjoy this version, feel free to leave us comments of what you would like to see next.  Best regards from the Limited Securities team.